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"Selfcare is not an instant one-time act - instead, it's a consistent and daily lifestyle choice!

Selfcare is a trinity of Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness.

Invest in your selfcare ever day - your future you will thank you!"

- Coach Nelson


1. CLARITY - Seek and gain clarity across your Outcome, Why, What, and How!

2. CORE-DIO - Minimum 30 minutes of physical activity daily!


3. COMMUNITY - Become part of a group who wants and inspires you to succeed everyday!

SELFCARE the Simply Agile way!
Template - SELFCARE.png


Kanban Zone - Selfcare Template

SELFCARE the Simply Agile way!


Knowing your WHY alone is not enough!


CLARITY is critical to execute successfully and consistently!


Use my Predictable Outcome Model to gain CLARITY across your Outcome, Why, What, and How.


Predictable Outcome Model: SELFCARE

1. OUTCOME = 2. WHY + 3. WHAT + 4. HOW


Start with your desired Outcome, define your Why and What, and solve for the How.


Yes, it’s just that simple to gain CLARITY!

Use my SELFCARE template and see for yourself now!

Note: Once you login to Kanban Zone simply select my Health-Selfcare template in the Personal Kanban section.


Just 30 minutes of Physical Activity Daily!

Anytime Anywhere Fitness App

I have experimented with many fitness regimens over two decades - and did not find a program which makes it practical for a 365 days of the year workouts, until I tried Daily Burn.


Only Daily Burn has the variety of trainers and programs to do a new workout every day - 365 days of the year!


Note: This is not an ad or endorsed by Daily Burn - this is my own personal experience. 

Here’s WHY I love and recommend Daily Burn!


  • JD Roberto - Brilliant host! JD is the the key differentiating factor why I chose daily burn over numerous fitness apps. He spends a few minutes before each workout to inspire you to invest 30 minutes in yourself.

  • Variety of certified Trainers - 9am ET live workouts and thousands of on-demand videos ranging from core, cardio, strength, pilates, mobility, barre, yoga, dance, and kickboxing.

  • Convenience - Accessible everywhere on all your devices.

Don’t just take my word for it - you can try it free for 30 days and see for yourself!


Double your burn with a workout in your local HOTWORX infrared sauna!


Coach Nelson's Bonus Bundle includes:

  • 1 week FREE trial membership

  • 20% OFF Hotworx mat & towel


Simply ask for Coach Nelson's Bonus Bundle when you signup in any of these HOTWORX Atlanta regional locations:

  • Alpharetta, GA (869 N Main St.)

  • Brookhaven (1430 Dresden Dr.)

  • John's Creek, GA (3005 Old Alabama Rd.)

  • Smyrna, GA (4624 Camp Highland Rd.)

24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio



Daily Burn Community

Belonging is Everything!


We perform best when we are surrounded by people who want us to succeed.


Yes, it’s ok to be part of multiple communities until you find the one you love!

Become part of a community which:

  • Encourages you to invest in yourself.

  • Loves you for being you - no judgement.

  • Motivates you to want the best for yourself.

  • Inspires you to succeed with your selfcare everyday.

I love and recommend these Communities!

Yes, you can join here for FREE: 


Now, you may be thinking... 🤔

Coach Nelson, all that sounds amazing and exciting! 


But, does it really work? 


ABSOLUTELY - Yes, it works!


Yes, I have applied it personally and you can see the results proof in my photos above.


Yes, As of March 2023 - I have successfully competed 2+ years of daily selfcare!

That's 118 weeks of  my weekly 7 of 7 days a week goal of physical exercise.

I have not missed a day yet!

That’s 803+ consecutive days and counting...

Let me show you how you too can achieve your SELFCARE goals!

Book a FREE Discovery call to learn more today!

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