FAQ: Affiliate Referral Program


I have created a mutually beneficial affiliate referral program. 

It’s designed for Simply Agilists who see the value in my Master Class because it changed their lives. 

It’s designed for Simply Agilists who are passionate about spreading the word and help in changing the lives of their friends.

- Coach Nelson


Affiliate Referral Program:

  •  General 
  •  Affiliate responsibilities
  •  Referral commission and payment
  •  Termination
  •  Support



Q: Who is a Simply Agile Affiliate?

A: Simply Agile Affiliate is a person who has earned the distinction of Simply Agilist by completing and passing the Master Class, and volunteered to join the Affiliate Program. Simply Agile Affiliates earn a 20% commission for referring new customers to Simply Agile.


Q: How can I be eligible to join the Affiliate Program?

A: Be a community member in good standing. Be an active member and citizen of the Simply Agile Community.


Q: How can I become a Simply Agile Affiliate?

A: Here’s how you can become a Simply Agile Affiliate: 

Step 1: Earn the Simply Agilist NFT

Step 2: Join the Affiliate Program.

Yes, it’s just that simple!


Q: How can I earn the Simply Agilist NFT?

A: You can earn the Simply Agilist distinction NFT by completing the online course and passing the Master Class exam here www.SimplyAgile.Me


Q: How can I join the Simply Agile Affiliate Program?

A: Once you have earned your Simply Agilist distinction - Email Coach Nelson at [email protected] showing your interest to join the Affiliate Program.


Q: What happens once I get accepted into the Affiliate Program?

A: Upon acceptance in the Affiliate Program - You will have access to the Affiliate Portal, where you will be assigned one or more unique Affiliate URLs which you will use to promote Simply Agile products and services.


Referral commission and payment:

Q: What’s my referral commission?

A: 20% of the $500 Master Class online course price; which equals to $100 per each successful referral. 


Q: How will I be paid?

A: You must have an active PayPal account. Affiliates will be paid in US $ via PayPal.


Q: When and how do I receive my commission?

A: Once a customer’s payment is received and processed to Simply Agile, affiliate’s commission will be paid monthly via PayPal.


Q: Will Simply Agile send me tax forms for my affiliate payouts?

A: No, Simply Agile does not provide tax forms for your affiliate payouts. Since Simply Agile uses PayPal to send affiliate payouts, any questions regarding tax forms should be directed to PayPal via their help center here https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/home


Q: Will Simply Agile send me receipts or invoices for affiliate payments?

A: No, Simply Agile will not send receipts or invoices for affiliate payments. Depending on your account settings in PayPal, you may receive emails or notifications when you receive payments. You can visit PayPal’s help center for more information here https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/home


Affiliate Responsibilities:

Q: What’s the minimum expectation of a Simply Agile Affiliate?

A: Be a good citizen of Simply Agile Community. Be a good human.


Q: Who pays the marketing or promotion costs for the affiliate?

A: You do. Affiliate will bear all costs and expenses related to the Affiliate’s marketing or promotion of Simply Agile’s products or services associated with the Affiliate Program.


Q: Are there any prohibited or unauthorized activities?

A: Yes, do not disparage the products or services of any other person or company. Especially, the products or services of a competitor of Simply Agile, any other customer or affiliate of Simply Agile, or Simply Agile itself.



Q: Who can terminate the Affiliate Program Agreement?

A: The Affiliate Program Agreement is an “at-will” agreement. Meaning, either party can terminate the agreement at any time, with or without cause.


Q: Why would an affiliate’s agreement be terminated?

A: Due to fraudulent or unacceptable behavior by the affiliate - including breach of the Affiliate Program Agreement or any Simply Agile Policies.


Q: What’s the results of an affiliate’s termination?

A: Upon termination of agreement Affiliate will immediately cease displaying any Simply Agile material. Lose access to the affiliate portal, and stop receiving any referral commission.



Q: Does PayPal have a help center?

A: Yes, you can visit PayPal’s help center here https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/home


Q: Where can I find the comprehensive Affiliate Program terms and conditions?

A: You can access the Affiliate Program Agreement  here - https://www.simplyagile.me/affiliate-program-agreement


Q: Who do I contact if I have already read the FAQ and still have questions?

A: You can email me; Coach Nelson anytime at [email protected]