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Hi, I'm Coach Nelson!

I'm a Leadership & Agile Coach serving #students #jobseekers discover their ikigai to a pursue dream job in Tech, and it all starts with SELFCARE.

Yes, selfcare is critical for your success!

Investing in building a keystone SELFCARE habit will help you achieve your dream life!


Prioritize selfcare first!


As a leader, team member, spouse, and human, If you don’t know how to fill your own cup first - 

you’ll never be successful in pouring into someone else’s cup!


It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup!


Prioritize selfcare first - so that, you can pour into those in your care!



#students and #jobseekers - Rejoice! 🎉

Our Mentor Team wants to help you navigate your career to succeed and become the leaders you were created to be.

Yes, it’s absolutely FREE for you to book time and have 1 on 1 conversations with our Mentors.

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Here's a brief introduction about me and where I would like us to be together in the near future.


My ikigai is to serve you to discover yours; and coach you to pursue your ikigai everyday!

Family Man: 

Happily married to my wife for 17 years; and have two amazing children!

US Air Force Veteran:

Served six years active duty with tours to Japan, Korea, Canada, and the Middle East.


Simply Agilist & Coach:

Leading and serving my teams over a decade now; helping them succeed everyday in building amazing working software.

I am a lifelong learner and a passionate Simply Agilist!


Ambitious (no-limits) goal:

I have an ambitious goal of building a GLOBAL online learning community for aspiring Simply Agilists!

The Simply Agile Community is and will be a shielded space to share what we are learning in open conversations without the fear of judgment; where we can serve each other to LEARN, GROW, and LEAD together everyday.

I cannot achieve this ambitious (no-limits) goal on my own - but, together WE CAN!

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