Hi, I'm Coach Nelson

Simply Agile 

Founder & CEO


#students #jobseekers

Here's a brief introduction about me and where I would like us to be together in the near future.


My ikigai is to serve you to discover yours; and coach you to pursue your ikigai everyday!

Family Man: 

Happily married to my wife for 17 years; and have two amazing children!

US Air Force Veteran:

Served six years active duty with tours to Japan, Korea, Canada, and the Middle East.

Simply Agilist & Coach:

Leading and serving my teams over a decade now; helping them succeed everyday in building amazing working software.

I am a lifelong learner and a passionate Simply Agilist!

Ambitious (no-limits) goal:

I have an ambitious goal of building a GLOBAL online learning community for aspiring Simply Agilists!

The Simply Agile Community is and will be a shielded space to share what we are learning in open conversations without the fear of judgment; where we can serve each other to LEARN, GROW, and LEAD together everyday.

I cannot achieve this ambitious (no-limits) goal on my own - but, together WE CAN!

 Master Class is here!


Discover your ikigai and pursue your dream job

the Simply Agile way!