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Master Class

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Discover your ikigai and pursue your dream job the Simply Agile way!

A self-paced and easy to follow course that will help you discover your ikigai and not only pursue your dream job, but also your dream life!

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What Are People Saying?

My students' testimonials speak volumes!

Yes, it's just that Simple!

- Coach Nelson

"This class is tremendously wealthy and the amount of knowledge that I can take and actually put into practical application.

Even those that are not familiar with the terminology can still take it and use it on both a personal and a professional level. 

Everything that I got this morning, I’ve just soaked it up like a sponge and I think it’s awesome!"

Tuwana Thomas


"First of all, one thing that stood for me meeting you - is the fact that you have this love for helping people; and you can’t be true coach if you don’t genuinely like helping people.

I like the way the class has been tailored so much so that we could interact ourselves.

You have indeed showed us that agility is about having these wonderful conversation - having clarity; and always having the customer and the outcome in mind." 

Deji Tafa


"Coach Nelson has developed something special in this Master Class. He uses his many years of experience and gift of storytelling to motivate and inspire current and aspiring agilists to achieve above and beyond their dreams. 

I highly recommend this master class to anyone who seeks direction in life and career. It will help you to clarify and prioritise the steps to take towards a fulfilling career." 

Sonja Vulic


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